dragonrace.io is a play-to-earn PVP mythical creatures racing game set in the metaverse. Players have the chance to reveal winged serpent eggs, which hatch into novel mythical dragons. These mythical creatures are free to partake in the race and acquire prizes. Players can also generate value by renting their own dragons or displaying them in D. Jurassic Park.
PVP MODE Our game use case does not align with PVE at this moment, so we are more focused on PVP where users will get reward by playing and contributing tokens. later on we have plan to introduce betting system where audience can participate in dragon race chose their desired dragon and place bid on it. Just like horse racing.
The DR gameplay is constantly being updated as we are reaching our release date
DR offers a novel encounter as you, the player assists the developers in improvising the nature of the game by giving feedbacks on the gameplay. Criticism from the DR community is one of the fundamental points by which we distinguish ourselves from other PVP Games in the crypto world. We treat your ideas in a serious way and completely survey all of the criticism that we get from the community members. After thorough consideration and research, reliable ideas are implemented in the DR gameplay.
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